So About That Pandemic…

pandemicIt’s been a while since I posted anything I’m guessing mostly because not long after I started this site, the Pandemic hit and really kind of threw me for a loop.

Now that things are somewhat coming back to normal I’m hoping on being able to post more articles since we all can go out and do things once again. The worst part of the pandemic I think is that things will never be like they were before. I’m really hoping I’m wrong on that one, but at the same time, I feel it’s beginning to be so long since we had normal that we’re forgetting what normal really is.

So now I’m going to start working on organizing my thoughts on a lot of the things I’ve been doing and places I’ve been seeing around here so stay tuned!


From the 415 to the 413

Hi there. I’m Eric and I moved from San Francisco, CA where I grew up and lived for my entire life until I turned 55 and decided it was no longer a place where I could raise a family so my wife and I moved to New England where she grew up and I have to say I’ve learned a lot in the two years since we’ve been here.

My house that I grew up in in San Francisco had a beautiful view of the ocean and I thought that I would always need to live by the water, but as time went on I figured if for some reason if I ever moved and couldn’t be near the water I would want to live in a forested area.

I kind of got my wish when we moved back here. Our house is on a ⅓ acre with lots of trees in our backyard. We have lots of wildlife that come to visit from squirrels and chipmunks [that come up to our kitchen door begging for food] to rabbits and foxes, deer and yes, even a bear or moose upon occasion.

Life here is much more different than in San Francisco and I liked to throw out numbers for my friends in San Francisco so they can understand the differences. Western Massachusetts where we live, which is ⅓ of the state of Massachusetts has less population than San Francisco which is approximately 7×7 miles.

We have lots of space here and while for big city folks it might seem kind of rural with the lack of traffic we can get to a big city or shopping mall in about the same time. Hell I can get to Vermont or Connecticut in less time than it used to take me to get out of San Francisco.

We’re in Northampton which in many ways is a lot like a mix of San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. I’m not really missing any food I could get in San Francisco except for Filipino food which I think I have a line on. We don’t have Dungeness crab, but I was never into crab other than crab cakes which…we have here.

Even though we’re a couple hours from the coast [i.e. Boston] we still get seafood that doesn’t have that stinky seafood smell like it usually did in San Francisco. I’m actually eating a lot more seafood here, but part of that is because it is cheaper than it was in San Francisco.

So yes, expect for a short while to see me doing a comparison and contrast to life in the 415 vs the 413, but I’m seeing a lot of nice things here that I’ll be focusing on in the near future.

Regarding our current pandemic outbreak. Just remember to Stay Safe. Stay Distant.